Meet The Team

Manii Raelle

"As a member of the Greater Baltimore BLM I really want to empower the black community to think progressive and understand our actual value. We are so much stronger together then apart, I believe that as a people we have overcome so much hate that we still endure, being able to uplift and educate black excellence is my favorite thing!"


Derrick Griffin

"Black empowerment is not only needed it’s required. Our community deals with brainwashing, lies, mockery etc. Not to mention being beat, spat on all the while, getting back up and dusting our shoulders off. The black Families have been victims of Social reform, while the powers at be sit back and laugh. So to me, black empowerment should be on the forefront of the entire community. We need to show the up and coming kings and queens what it means to love, appreciate and be at peace with who they are. There’s no need to shun away or be reserved when it comes to this title, no matter how others feels. Our legacy and foundation is built on embracing our wins and losses. We are a the first people of earth and embody the essence of god. So black empowerment is not a trend it’s lifestyle."

Nate Canales

"Most people see black empowerment as a saying but they best way to lead is to step out and show what it looks like to be successful. Once we have people that aren't celebrities willing to lead the community around them that's when we will see growth and change happen in our communities."


Alexis Thompson

"I believe black empowerment is an essential narrative that should be taught to all communities, cultures, and races. Growing up not knowing all that we have contributed to this world, not even just the country, is something everyone should know. Not just about how oppressed we were and are, we are empowered, it is a dialogue that should be discussed more."


Kalvin Jones

"Power to the people"

Acie Hunter

"Black empowerment could help a community build a voice for itself and if empowered positively would help build a positive image as well. When there’s influential leaders in a community there’s going to be influential emerging leaders to follow. The next generation matters ultimately for us. Leaders in the community must take a stance to rebuild broken black communities a day at a time. Not only by interacting with the community via social media but by hosting meetings and forum inside their community and holding leaders to accountability."

Terrance Purnell

"I think that black empowerment is very important especially in today's society. Our youth are so brainwashed and ignorant to thier own history it's scary. It's been past time for us as a unit to actually address the problems with full blown action instead of sitting around and talking about our issues. No one else cares about us at least we need to care about us."


Jaren Crews

"I believe black empowerment is something that should be instilled in every black individual. The more melanin you have, the better you are. It is always important to remind black individuals on the power that we possess."

Cipher W. I. N. S.

"As black community, we need to build and own our communities to forge unity, a sense of identity, and self love. The Black Man is God and it is time for him to take his rightful place but we must get the black family in order. We need more after school programs and black male mentorship. We need a black wall street meets black panther party. Turn vacant lots into community gardens"


Bianca Spencer

"Black People have been without power for too long and it’s time that we regain our rightful place in the world! Black empowerment begins with the unborn generation, so we must equip and empower Black youth now so they will be the parents who raise unapologetic Black people of the future. Community Centers are so important, they are the birthplace and incubator of Black Wealth, Health, Education and Love."


Merce Gold

"I believe Black Empowerment will start with the raising of Black Consciousness, which we can see is happening at a level we haven’t seen in a while. Then it will come through black economics. Black money has to matter. From economic to political, we need to also connect with other oppressed people’s worldwide."


Shardae Anderson-Bell

"I believe black empowerment is a key necessity to black culture. Our community can be improved by embracing togetherness, supporting black businesses and learning more about oneself."



Lauren Smith

"We all need to stick together and encourage one another. As whole we’ve came a long way. It’s only up from here if we continue to thrive together."


Thomas Deas IV

"There can be no black empowerment until we have total knowledge of self and self determination. When we realize that we need each other more than we suggest, and act on it things will start to look clearer."


Aria Scott

"This is time for us to get back to supporting and encouraging one another. The media portrays the black community poorly and I would like to help bring more positivity to our image."


Lamarr Key

"I feel we are capable now more than ever to restablish the ideas of those during the civil rights era. I believe us as community need to take pride and create a culture that we can pass on to the next generations. We must take charge and no longer be passive when it comes to our prosperity as a people. We have some much influence over the modern world and although we realize it, we have yet to harness it. We must start doing business together and in our communities. We must start increase if our communities capacity. Own the building not simply own the store in the building. I believe we should reach out the older generation I feel the disconnect has stunted our growth as a people. We lack consistent unity, but I definitely feel we have taken a step in the right direction and need to continue to press forward."


Kenya Rawlings

"We have more power than we understand. Black people continue to influence the world. We create or have created much of what's around us & our communities should consistently be flourishing. We have diminished our shine to fit into a mold not created for us. It's time to push & support one another to our greatest potential for the benefit & betterment of our communities."



LaToia Edmonson

"Buying black and circulating our money within our community first is a priority, owning land and contributing to healthy images of the family unit. I believe we are stronger in numbers and doing everything with the mindset of how this will improve the black community mindset. We have to have our own schools, and business and control what goes on in our own community versus depending on white america."