March 02, 2018

In today's society, it is true that we live with much greater privileges than our ancestors did, but behind that curtain of privilege lives the heart of anti-Blackness that still permeates throughout the world.

Racism is not dead.  It has just evolved with the times.

From lynchings to police shootings..

From enslavement to school to prison pipelines..

From exploitation to appropriation..

The times have changed, but not much else has.

The wealth gap between whites and Blacks is greater than it was in 1963.

The United States remains one of the most segregated countries in the world.

Amerikkka is still building and progressing off of our physical and creative labor while we get the crumbs.

Our mission is to build a movement that promotes brotherhood and sisterhood, unapologetic Blackness, and knowledge of self so that we may empower ourselves to build a nation that will declare it's own liberation.

Black love and unity is the centerpiece of this movement, because we cannot build until we have unity. And we cannot have true unity, until we have love.

Love for ourselves, our ancestors, our people, our youth, our similarities, and our differences..

One People. One Love.

We must shift our mindsets and behaviors.

No more adjusting for the world we live in.

It's time for the world to adjust to us.

A proud people, united by love..

Join us.