May 09, 2020

As African people, we are the most culturally diverse people on the  planet – with a wide range of religious beliefs, customs, and traditions. Africa itself, the second-largest continent, is home to over 50 countries. Despite our respective cultures, individualization has never been a pressing issue for African people. The exact opposite, however, – LACK OF UNITY probably tops that list.


Whether you’re Nigerian, Jamaican, African-American, etc. we’re all AFRICAN people. While we may have our distinct cultural differences and ethnic groups, we must take pride in being African people first.

We sometimes struggle as a people at putting away our differences for the greater good of all African people. The potential of our greatness is evident in the many conscious efforts to oppress us; but the power of the oppressor lies in the willingness to be oppressed.

We are powerful beyond measure.

Be African. Be proud.

If we cannot unite as Africans, I’m not sure what could ever bring us together as a people.