May 09, 2020

The oppression of Black America is a continual system of social, economic, political, psychological, and physical torment. To be born Black in America is to implicitly inherit a state of faux inferiority (reinforced by the system of oppression).

This state of inferiority keeps ‘The Cycle’ going.

Our people have been beaten, battered, raped, tortured, murdered, dehumanized, lynched, disenfranchised, mocked, ridiculed, and traumatized for 500 years. Every generation of Black people in America have inherited the psychological weight of anti-blackness from the previous generation.

There is a dire need for Black Consciousness.

There is a dire need for Black Love.

There is a dire need for Pro-Black Unity.

The first step in reversing ‘The Cycle’ is to break away from the idea of Black Inferiority.

Daily Affirmation:

"I LOVE being Black and I love my Black people. We are powerful beyond measure. We will build and protect each other through love. The oppression of my people do not define me, but my humanity demands that we see justice."

It is my goal that this platform becomes one of the vehicles for our journey toward Black Liberation. I will soon be launching a series of projects and programs that provide a framework for Black Consciousness, because we are not free until we are all free.