May 27, 2020

Sharing videos of Black people being murdered is not "raising awareness".

We do not need to see another video, photo, or story about the violence against Black lives to be aware.

There is no one on this planet with a sound mind who needs more "evidence" of injustice and tyranny against us.

The structures of racism will not be overturned by the sight of slain Black bodies.

We cannot fight chaos with chaos.
We cannot overconsume trauma.

We must, however, understand the impact of media exposure to these traumas and the true PURPOSE behind it all.

Since 2015, there have been over 500 more European-Americans killed by police in the United States than African-Americans.

While we know that African-Americans are killed at higher rates, the fact is...the media had 500 more opportunities to cover a European-American being killed.

Why don't they show THAT on the news every week?

How do you think mass exposure to death by police violence would impact "White America"?

Why aren't THEIR bodies plastered all over the internet?

Understand that fear, anger, anxiety, grief....all bring negative energies that attack the spiritual body.

Which means there is A LOT of power in pressing a button and making millions of people go into a state of fear, anger, sadness, aggresssion, trauma, etc..

When we allow everything to birth an emotional response, life becomes a puppet show.

You have to protect YOURSELF -- spiritually (first and foremost), emotionally, and mentally.

You would not show a three year old child a montage of murders and slain bodies.

What makes you think *your* inner child wants to consume it? Or anyone else's for that matter?

Let's also understand that Black Militancy is not about chaos, warfare, and aggression.

It's about discipline, structure, processes, procedures, and protocol.

Those things start with the >> SELF << and extend outward.

We need warriors, not warmongers.

And if we're constantly being emotionally charged by this matrix, we will be in no condition to build in our greatest capacity.

You HAVE TO take care of yourself.

It's not an absolute necessity.

I'm personally tired of talking about Black death, oppression, and injustice.

So please don't ask me about it.

I will speak when I feel called to.

But I'm equally tired of seeing my people emotionally scrambled behind every act of psychospiritual warfare.

We have to stay focused on the bigger picture because we can't count on anyone to protect us or save us in the meantime.

We will endure.
We will prevail.
We will win.

But victory must be gained first by spirit, and not by sight.

We have a long journey ahead and we're not gonna get to where we're going overnight.

Take a break for the day and relax your mind.

The path will still be there when you're ready.

I love you all. ❤✨