May 16, 2018

My name is Jakal El-Malik and I am the owner and creator of LongLiveThePpl.

As an activist, I have organized protests and panel discussions, given lectures and presentations at churches, universities, and schools and I have even been featured on regional TV broadcasts discussing race in Amerikkka.

I'm also a music artist, who most people would categorize as a "conscious rapper".

But my first time making the paper wasn't for what I ever thought it would be..

Being heavily involved in the Black community at my alma mater, Missouri State University, I took great issues with the amount of institutional racism that was present and how resources were not equally distributed for Black and Brown students.

Shortly after the unjust killing of Michael Brown, I decided to organize a protest during homecoming weekend - the biggest event of the year outside of graduation.

The backlash we received as student protesters revealed the hidden feelings of everyone involved - from alumni, to students, faculty, administration, and local media outlets.

But ironically, this was where LongLiveThePpl was unofficially born.

I designed these shirts for our Homecoming protest almost 4 years ago, even though LongLiveThePpl would not be created for another 3 years.

Since that moment, I wanted to create something that could bring us together as a people.

Something that could empower us.

And that something was LongLiveThePpl.

So thank you for being a part of this movement!