October 25, 2017

LLTP was created by artist/activist Jakal El-Malik (also known by his stage name, Beezy The Bruh). He grew up in the inner-city of St. Louis, Missouri witnessing widespread poverty, a poor public school system, and liberal racism among many other issues in his community. It wasn’t long before he realized that all these deep-rooted problems were intrinsically linked.

After high school, Jakal left St. Louis to attend college at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Media Production. While attending the university, he noticed how institutional racism operated with the same function on college campuses and in the workplace as they did at home.
Jakal became more active in his community by organizing protests and panel discussions, meeting with officials, speaking at diversity conferences and events, and appearing on local broadcasts about racism.
His pro-Black ideological stances widened even further as he began diving deeper into his understanding of oppression as it relates to different identities on both a global and local scale:
“I’ve been blessed to know so many different people with diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, sexual orientations, political stances, religious beliefs, hardships, and viewpoints. It has truly shaped how I look at the world.”

LongLiveThePpl was just a dream until early 2017 when Jakal decided to create a few sample products with the LLTP Signature Logo he designed almost a year prior.
After selling out of the sample items, he decided to go all in and expand into a full store.
"I'm passionate about my people and my artistry so it was really great to get that initial support. I just wanted to create something that was authentic to me and a true expression of my beliefs."
When he’s not working on his music career, drawing up business plans, creating new LLTP designs, or writing political essays on his blog, Jakal is probably tweeting his life away.
Follow him on Twitter: @ImNotBeezy to learn more about the creator of LongLiveThePpl.